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  • In New Hampshire, between years 2012 and 2015, there were 775 deaths due to falls in the adult population over age 65, 8,581 inpatient discharges, 38,244 emergency department discharges, and an unknown number of doctor office visits and unreported falls.[4]  Falls are not a natural part of aging, and most falls can be prevented.

  • Death rates have significantly increased between years 2003 and 2015 for both males and females.[1]

    Emergency department (ED) visit rates due to fall-related injuries significantly increased for both males and females between years 2000 and 2015.[3]


    For Year 2015

    • Emergency Department (ED) visits for senior falls topped at 9,825 for this year alone.[4]

    • Hospital inpatient stays for senior falls topped at 2,200 for this year alone.[4]

  • Seniors who fall are 2-3 times more likely to fall again, and each fall increases the likelihood of more serious injury.[6]

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For more data on older adult falls, please go to the NH Health WISDOM website.

The NH Health WISDOM website, developed and maintained by the Division of Public Health Services (DPHS), compiles information from many different datasets on hundreds of health related indicators. Health indicators can either inform or measure health choices at the community and individual level. NH Health WISDOM provides a portal for users to directly access these datasets, view and customize reports built from these datasets, and save their reports for later access.

The site is divided into two main components:

Data about health topics related to the State Health Improvement Plan

Data about Environmental Public Health Tracking (EPHT) topics and other State initiatives

NH Health WISDOM displays the health status of NH communities and supports the evaluation of activities that DPHS and its local partners are taking towards improving population health. The data provided may be used to:

Identify trends

Develop program initiatives

Strengthen research

Aid grant writing

Support policy changes

For assistance with how to use the NH Health WISDOM website, please contact:

Lynne Clement

Communications Specialist

Environmental Public Health Tracking (EPHT)

Division of Public Health Services

NH Department of Health and Human Services

Phone: 603-271-1708


CDC's WISQARS™ website (Web-based Injury Statistics Query and Reporting System)
New Hampshire Health Wisdom Website - Connecting NH to Healthy Data:
5. New Hampshire Uniform Hospital Discharge Data Sets (NHUHDDS) 2015, please note:
  • The 2015 data estimates are calculated using a 9 month annualized rate with the same ICD9 codes. Indicators with strong seasonal variability, e.g., asthma, may not reflect actual rates.
  • We do not have out of state hospital data yet which impacts incidence rates in many border communities and for several types of diagnoses/services.
  • We will not release 2010-2011 data due to quality issues though we may at some point revisit whether the data is consistent enough on a case by case basis.
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